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Oskar Präntare is a master of science (civilingenjör) of computer science in Sweden. In employment he has worked at companies such as Axis Communications, Sony, Ikano Bank and many others. Oskar has experiences with Java, Groovy, Grails, C#, C++, Python, C, .NET, MIPS, Scala, PHP, MySQL, Yocto, Buildbot, git, SVN, Perforce, AccuRev, CVS, SQLite and much, much more. His LinkedIn profile is here. You need Java to use these applications. Please read Installation if you have any issues with any of the applications!

Oskar Präntare can be reached at: oskar.prantare@gmail.com


The Coterie updated 31/10-2015

The Coterie is a strategy gangster game that take place in a Lovecraftian 19th century environment with different ways to win the game. Take over the city, save the world or perhaps both at the same time? Created for the Ludum dare 36 contest.

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Growthia updated 31/10-2015

Growthia is a slow paced strategy 4X game where the goal is to grow the kingdom and conquer the continent! Created for the Ludum dare 34 contest.

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A.E.T.R.I. updated 31/10-2015

A.E.T.R.I. is a fast paced 4X real time strategy game, inspired by board games such as RISK. A.E.T.R.I. is a game entry in Ludum dare 33 contest.

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Interezza updated 7/12-2014

Interezza is a real time strategy game, inspired by board games such as RISK. Interezza is a game entry in the Ludum dare 31 contest. The theme is 'Entire game on one screen'.

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ReQA simple updated 2/11-2014

Requirements Quality Assurance (ReQA) is a Java framework that allows teams to verify their requirements and connect tests with the requirements they fulfill. ReQA simple is a simple ReQA edition without visualization and is compatible for Java 1.7. ReQA simple is an open source project that have a MIT license.

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Y.O.G.O.E. updated 2/11-2014

Y.O.G.O.E. (You only get one Earth) is a 4x environmentalist Civilization inspired game. Entry in the Ludum dare 28 contest. Should be played on Java 1.7 or later. Let players touch topics such as humanity, technology and climate as to give new perspectives to important topics.

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ReqTGUI updated 25/10-2013

ReqTGUI is a requirements engineering tool that is built upon reqT. ReqTGUI allows optimizing release planning, high level prioritizations and management of requirements. ReqTGUI was developed by Oskar Präntare and Joel Johansson during their master thesis at Lund's university in 2013.

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A cube story updated 2/9-2013

A cube story is a minimalistic platform and puzzle game. Entry in the Ludum dare 26 contest. Took 14 hours to make and was amongst the top twenty percent of the contesting entries. A cube story have some issues with framerate on machines using Java versions prior to 1.7.

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Unknown universe updated 15/11-2012

Unknown universe is a 4x sci-fi strategy game. A game which offers millions of stars to colonize, hundreds of enemy AI players and potentially unlimited gameplay time. Multiplayer, realtime strategy and turn based strategy are included.

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History updated 15/11-2012

Replay history between 1901 and 2013. Whenever you wondered what happened at a specific date or how specific events happened History let you do it! Let you go through all events from 1900 to 21st of december 2012 and let the player learn about said events, with links to its Wikipedia article. Let you read about world war one, world war two, Vietnam war or even the current conflicts in the middle east.

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NameGenerator updated 27/11-2012

Generate random names of humans, stars or whatever you want through a simple interface. Use it when you develop games, in your writing or whenever you want. The possibilities are endless!

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Dice updated 27/11-2012

Sick of having to use real dices or having an online connection whenever you want to use a dice? Just download this application and you can whenever or wherever throw a dice! All dice sizes between 2 and 1000.

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